To buy cryptocurrencies is exciting, dangerous, risky, it can make you rich or make you poor, but above all: it is fun!

At you can buy SmartCash at a minimum of € 30,00 and up to a maximum of € 1.000,00. Your purchases are processed manually. Therefore take a longer processing time (up to 24 hours) into account.

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The SmartCash wallet is a mono wallet for SmartCash only. It has a range of features to handle your SmartCash. It has several tools to optimize your safety. If you are not interested in exchanging Your SmartCash to other currencies, this is the best option.

The Atomic wallet is a multicurrency wallet for a range of 300 cryptocurrencies. It has several options to exchange your SmartCash. It is especially useful if you are interested in exchanging your SmartCash to other currencies.  It is less safe than the SmartCash wallet and is not suitable if you want to use it for daily payments. 


SmartCash is a high-tech cryptocurrency. At the moment the developers are working on raising the transaction speed to a 30 millisecond. That is faster than pin-transactions. Furthermore, SmartCash developed the SmartCard. With this card, you can pay in shops and restaurants, without first having to open your wallet. More information about the SmartCard.

Safe and anonymous

Paying using SmartCash is safe and anonymous. You are your own banker. U can be owner of cryptocurrency without anybody knowing. You can take them all over the world - as long as there is a internet connection, you can access your SmartCash.

SmartCash offers it's own "brainwallet". Your cryptocurrency is in the blockchain but using a unique password, only you know, you can access your currency.

Offline wallet

The most general used method to manage cryptocurrency is through a wallet. Using your computer or phone you have access to this wallet and are able to receive and send cryptocurrency. You can protect your wallet using a pincode or password, but this is not always neccesary.

There is always a risk of being hacked or that your phone might be stolen, in which criminals want to gain access to your cryptocurrency.

SmartCash offers the possibility to store your currency offline. By using a so-called "paperwallet". You can download it at the official website of

Of course you will have to save this paper wallet at a secure location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any questions about purchasing SmartCash, the use of SmartCash or SmartCash in general, please read the frequently asked questions on the right.

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How can I pay for my SmartCash?

You can buy SmartCash using iDeal. After confirmation of your purchase at our website you will be redirected to the iDeal environment of your own bank where you can finalize your payment.

How long does the buying of SmartCash take?

SmartCash will be transferred to your designated account within a few hours (max. 24hrs.)

How much SmartCash can I buy?

At this moment you can buy SmartCash for a maximum ammount of 1000,00 euros.

How can I sell SmartCash?

Do you have SmartCash cryptocurrency of your own and want to sell? Please send a e-mail to and we will make a fitting proposition to buy your SmartCash.

Paying with SmartCash

You can buy goods using SmartCash at the following companies:

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