SmartPort: Building new economies

SmartPort is the portal where you can buy and sell SmartCash. On this portal you will also find information about the places where you can pay with SmartCash.

Do you want to contribute to the development of SmartCash? Then this portal is your first step. We at SmartPort believe that cryptocurrency and SmartCash will play a prominent role in the payment system in particular. The only real threat to cryptocurrency is regulation. Beyond that is cryptocurrency - by far - the most advanced payment method. SmartPort close gap between between cryptocurrency and traditional money by increasing exchangeability.

We believe that for the future of cryptocurrency it is necessary that cryptocurrency and traditional money are easily exchangeable.

The ultimate goal of SmartPort is that shops, catering establishments, web shops and other recipients of payments are offered the possibility that the consumer pays in cryptocurrency and that the recipient receives real time Euros in his account. And while we aren't quite there yet, it is being worked on very hard. For now we have created a trading platform where the supply and demand of SmartCash meet. We open the door to both sides. SmartPort, building new economies. The new economy will run on Cryptocurrency. SmartCash as state of the art cryptocurrency will play a prominent role in this. SmartPort will facilitate that.

Welcome to this site and: Welcome to the world of crypto!

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