Go to wallet.smartcash.cc

Select the Sign up option.

Enter your details choose a username and a password.

Very important: Take note of the username and password as well as the "Master Security Code". Create a document with this data and save it well.

You now have access to an "empty" SmartCash web wallet, divided into three addresses, Spending, Smart Rewards and Smart Rewards 2.

If you are logged in, you will find a menu with various options on the left. Take the time to view all these options one by one, so that you get an overview of the functionalities of the wallet.

For now the "receive" option is most important. You can indicate in which wallet you want to receive your SmartCash.

On the right you will find in blue the address of the Wallet you selected. By pressing the blue square with the mouse, you copy the address.You can paste this address in the box where you can enter the recipient address. You are now ready to receive SmartCash.

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